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About Green Fire Times

Green Fire Times is a platform for regional, community-based voices—useful information for residents, businesspeople, students and visitors—anyone interested in the history and spirit of New Mexico and the Southwest. The inspiring, bimonthly publication uniquely contributes to New Mexico’s media landscape by providing multicultural perspectives that link green, cutting-edge innovations with time-honored traditions. Some editions have a predominant theme or special section. All include a variety of topics.


The 40-page print edition—widely distributed to a devoted readership from Albuquerque to Taos and beyond—is published every other month, while our website is updated more frequently. GFT is viewable online at

More than a Bimonthly Magazine

Green Fire Times’ articles document the interrelationship of community, culture, the environment and the regional economy. By promoting culturally-based economic development and linking education with jobs, and skills increasingly in demand, GFT helps nurture the cultures, livelihoods and lives of people—including those in rural communities.


Storytelling is at the heart of community health. We have an opportunity to change the story going forward, which can lead to positive transformational change. GFT publishes stories of hope and community action. The publication has also become a valuable archive, documenting projects supporting sustainability and resilience. Highlighting our region’s traditions helps communities discover who they once were and what they can become. The sustainability of our region affects all of us, and requires people from all backgrounds working together to create solutions. GFT also contributes to continuance of a pool of knowledge for living in a high-desert environment. Now more than ever is the time to preserve and implement these practices while protecting ecosystems and natural resources.


Founded in 2009 and published monthly for many years, Green Fire Times was acquired in 2018 by Southwest Learning Centers, Inc. (, a non-profit established in 1973 to provide multicultural educational resources for underserved communities. SWLC offers a mentorship program for some of GFT’s writers, aspiring journalists and documentarians. Articles in GFT from students and community leaders demonstrate knowledge that is meaningful to their communities. GFT has been used as part of the curriculum in schools and universities.


GFT is operated by Green Earth Publishing, LLC. Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Seth Roffman works with Guest Associate Editors, along with a small staff and a multitude of contributing writers and photographers.

Some of GFT's Contributors

University of New Mexico (Sustainability Studies, Native American Studies, Chicano/a Studies, Community Engagement Center); Northern Río Grande National Heritage Area; The New Mexico Acequia Association; New Mexico Health Equity Partnership; Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Institute; Sustainable Santa Fe Commission; Forward Cities/ESHIP Río Grande; Santa Fe Community College (Trades and Advanced Technology Program); Northern New Mexico College (Chicano/a Studies, Sostenga Agriculture Program); New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council; Agriculture, Implementation, Research and Education (AIRE); Quivira Coalition; many others.

Funding Needed

Production of a free, quality, independent publication requires financial contributions from readers and foundations, along with advertising revenue. Production costs have greatly increased over the past couple of years. Many local and regional publications have folded or have been bought up by corporate entities. Fortunately, a growing number of publications are receiving boosts from nonprofits that are devoted to protecting journalism.


Funding is needed to upgrade GFT’s infrastructure, management and outreach, for computer equipment, to pay personnel and support the training/mentorship program. We are also seeking funding to further upgrade GFT’s website and to make GFT’s extensive archive more accessible to students, community members and researchers. Article topic threads will be created spanning years of published articles.

Read about our most recent fundraising campaign here


  • Make a contribution online through Paypal

  • Mail a check made payable to: Southwest Learning Centers, Inc., FBO Green Fire Times, P.O. Box 8627, Santa Fe, NM 87504-8627

Contact Us: 505-989-8898 or

GFT is owned by Southwest Learning Centers, Inc., a non-profit, educational organization

Examples of Special Sections

and Themed Editions

Green Jobs, Businesses, Products, Services, Building, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Food & Agriculture, Natural Resource Stewardship, Education, Health & Wellness, Regional History,
Arts & Culture, Native Perspectives, Local Heroes

  • New Mexico’s Micro-Economics

  • Keeping Cultural Authenticity

  • Healthy Kids, Health Economy

  • A Community of Creatives in Action

  • Growing a Regional Food System

  • New Mexico Acequias: Global Heritage

  • The Hidden Faces of Northern New Mexico

  • Planning for a Secure Water Future

  • Indigenous Solutions: Convocation on Education

  • Visions for the Future of New Mexico

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Green Gifts

  • A Renewable Energy Future

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