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Your advertising dollars make it possible for Green Fire Times to be a sustainable publication.

View our Media Kit and Rate Sheet for details on advertising in the Green Fire Times PRINT EDITION.

To advertise ONLINE please contact us directly or 505-989-8898.

Advertising in Green Fire Times reaches a diverse audience. The publication’s cultural journalism appeals to both residents and visitors. The print editions are widely distributed throughout Central and Northern New Mexico. reaches people nationally and around the world.

Advertising may be placed in either or both.

Green Fire Times showcases enterprises and initiatives that bolster their bottom line by utilizing sustainable business practices. Readers look to the publication for guidance on purchasing regional products and services.

Green Fire Times is a non-profit newspaper published by Green Earth Publishing,

an LLC of Southwest Learning Centers, Inc.

Audience, Market,  

As a free, widely distributed, highly respected online and print publication, Green Fire Times reaches a diverse readership. Identifiable groups include:

New Mexico Residents

Green Fire Times has display boxes and racks at libraries, schools, community centers, offices, businesses and public places from Albuquerque to Taos.


GFT showcases business and organizations, including educational and cultural institutions, tourism and recreational enterprises, technology companies, regional food and
product producers and green products and services.

Economic Development Agencies and Advocates
GFT is used by businesses and organizations to promote regional economic development.

Teachers and Students

Some New Mexico classrooms—elementary to college levels—use GFT as part of their curriculum. The New Mexico State Library and some tribal libraries maintain collections of GFT. 

• Tourists and Visitors
GFT is distributed at New Mexico visitor centers. The publication’s cultural journalism, eco-tourism and outdoor recreation coverage appeal to visitors and inspire sales of local products and services.

• Environmental Conservation
GFT focus includes stewardship of natural resources and the interrelationship of community, culture, the environment and the regional economy. Regular readers include those with a strong interest in land and water conservation.

• Health & Wellness Advocates
Holistic health has roots in traditional of cultures of the Southwest. This is a one of the topics GFT covers.

• Sustainability Advocates
Those engaged in learning about and working toward sustainability find GFT to be a useful information source. Enterprises that utilize responsible business practices while improving the bottom line are featured. These sorts of initiatives reflect a fundamental change in how people are thinking, living and doing business.

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