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May 15 Día de San Ysidro, Atrisco, New Mexico

Updated: Dec 5, 2022


I can hear the hoe

On the ground next door

Falling onto the bindweed

of existence.

The birds singing remember

High water in the arroyo

That is still coming.

Maternal waters from the monte.

The circle was planted in a field

Yesterday, with magpies observing

The winding motion on the acequia,

Rose petals travel blessed in the canals.

The fields plowed and disked

Furrows are ready, singing

For the harvest, as the matachines

Shake their rattles in the earth and in the water.

San Ysidro and his wife, Santa María de la Cabeza, are patron saints

to farmers, ranchers, farmworkers and day-laborers everywhere. The

procession and blessing of the waters in the Atrisco community took

place on May 15 at Holy Family Parish to pray for rain, crops and

community well-being. The final entrega (delivery) of the saints to the new

mayordomos/caretakers is to promote harmony and stewardship of the

land. Native blessings were shared by las Promotoras and in the dance

of the Matachines to the four quadrants of the universe. The walk along

the acequias in the Atrisco Valley evokes deep reflection. It reminds us of

our youth, when we watered, swam, fished and survived in our acequia

ecosystem. Agua es vida, Water is life!

Photos: Seth Roffman



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