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Third Annual National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Congress

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Isleta Resort & Casino, October 27-29


The National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Congress—in person at Isleta Resort & Casino

(1100 Broadway Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105) and online (WWW.NLFRTA.ORG)—

provides an opportunity for delegates and participants to collaboratively analyze, seek

solutions and develop plans to address the current crisis in which farmers, ranchers and

their families find themselves. The third annual congress will bring agricultural stakeholders

together to share best practices, Farm Bill resolutions and climate-smart updates. They will

discuss their individual and/or organization’s programs and learn directly from each other.

They will discuss opportunities, challenges and how best to collaborate. We encourage

all stakeholders to support one another, and in particular, the underserved producers, in

thriving and achieving more sustainable food and agricultural systems.

A tribute to the true

stewards of the land.

The NLFR Congress is a tribute to the true stewards of the land: farmworkers, farmers and

ranchers. The theme in 2022 is: This is Our Land: Our Land Stewardship Legacy. We will hear

firsthand about our farmers’ and ranchers’ daily experiences, consequences and solutions

in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency climate crisis events, wildfires,

drought, labor shortages, transportation and food-chain disruptions.

The congreso will bring together many of the best minds in rural agriculture and farm

and ranching leadership in the Latino community. Our intention is to bring relief to

our farm and ranching families by developing real-life solution oriented approaches and

crafting resolutions to be voted on and adopted by delegates. It will be a treat to reunite

farmworker leadership for a historic, solutions-focused forum to address the dire need to

establish a stable labor force, disaster assistance and support, farmer and rancher debt relief, conservation, the organic-transition process, environmental justice and steps that address impacts of the climatic crisis we find ourselves in.

NLFR has become the premier organizing and advocacy organization. Our members continue to heal the land through sound conservation and cultivation practices, and serve all stakeholders, including the upcoming young farm and ranching generation. In our congress,

farmers,’ ranchers’ and stakeholders’ voices will be heard. We need to find immediate solutions for our farmers and ranchers nationwide, especially for those who have been historically discriminated against.

¡Sí se puede, yes we can!

Rudy Arredondo is the president and founder of the National Latino

Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association.

Image: Teacher Travis McKenzie and Rudy Arredondo in front

of Dolores Huerta mural


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